Pat Gelsinger in Italy

VMware is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility. Pat Gelsinger, the company’s CEO, was in Italy this year, and for the first time, following the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where the company presented its innovations in the fields of networking, security and mobility. It was an opportunity to attract greater attention to topics that are not yet popular outside the world of technology.

In order to promote Pat Gelsinger’s presence in Italy, we organized a day of initiatives to promote innovation for leading representatives of the tech media, tech bloggers, market analysts, and VMware customers. We designed a specific format for each type of guest. For journalists, there was an interactive event together with Jean-Pierre Brulard, Senior Vice President and General Manager EMEA, Alberto Bullani, Regional Manager, VMware Italy, and Italian management, which provided a range of views on VMware strategy and vision and was an opportunity for high-level dialogue between the organization and the journalists on hand.

Pat Gelsinger was welcomed by a full room of enthusiastic guests; 21 journalists representing 25 publications for excellent interaction at the event and on social media.