Uniplaces.com is a European leader in student housing rentals. They verify the quality of their housing directly and ensure that choosing housing from their vast selection online is both safe and easy. In January 2017, Uniplaces turned to Imageware to develop a public image that would reflect the company’s strengths, i.e. knowledge of the market, innovation, and an understanding of students’ needs.

We assist Uniplaces with the entire marketing and communication process, going beyond the mere promotion of their offering while drawing on the wealth of information available on their site, from identifying the news most suited to the Italian media to preparing studies and surveys. The news proposed isn’t limited to real estate, but also touches on numerous topics of general interest in order to broaden the brand’s reach.

The strategy adopted has positioned Uniplaces as an authoritative source of information not only for the media outlets dedicated to universities and young people, but also for the lifestyle and other generalist and topic-specific outlets. In the first half of 2017, we saw 37% growth over the same period of 2016.