Summit “TILT” 2017

Established in 2016 by Michele Balbi and Fabrizio Albergati from Teorema Engineering—together with AREA Science Park and in collaboration with the University of Trieste, Microsoft, and the City of Trieste—Teorema Incubation Lab Trieste (TILT) is a digital hub for IT business development. Over the course of its first year, TILT organized a summit involving the leading public bodies in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, startups and other businesses concerning the topic of Industry 4.0. Within this context, Teorema presented its Adotta una startup (Adopt a Startup) program as a model of innovation for businesses engaged in digital transformation and felt a need to attract greater attention to the announcement.

We organized public relations efforts with the Italian media, bringing them to Trieste for the summit and allowing for direct contact with the businesses of the area (such as Specogna and the Principe Group), with public officials (Regional President D. Serracchiani; the mayor of Trieste, R. Dipiazza; and M. Fermeglia, rector of the University of Trieste), and other leading market players (Fincantieri, Microsoft, Unicredit).

We involved 16 journalists from Milan and Rome and generated over 40 articles about TILT during the first few days following the summit.