#STEMintheCity 2018

With the second edition of STEMintheCity, the City of Milan wanted to further extend its range of action in promoting a new culture of science, so STEM+A was born. The letter “A”, for “art”, has been added to the STEM acronym to indicate both how digital is an enabling factor in all paths of education and career and how the creative, humanistic component is essential to generating new ideas and innovative content.

STEMintheCity was organized into two distinct, but closely interrelated moments. All of April was STEM Month and featured activities organized throughout the city by event partners with the support of the City of Milan. The STEM Marathon was held from April 10-13, during which we, together with the city, organized hackathons, career days for female university students, training programs free of charge for all schools, workshops and seminars for parents, and other institutional events. The initiative united issues of strategic importance to the city and to the entire nation—such as equal opportunity, education, and employment—with the promotion of science and technology among Millennials, while further strengthening the partnership with businesses, foundations, associations, and other Italian and international organizations that have joined the project as excellent partners.

More than 10,000 participants, over 100 events, and more than 100 schools, thanks to the support of 17 sponsors and 46 partners. The initiative was supported by Milan universities and Italian institutions, as well as by the United Nations organizations UNRIC and the ITU.