SAP NOW represents the most important moment for meeting and comparison between SAP and its ecosystem. The event is addressed to people who deal with innovation and digital transformation across Italy and its final goal is to engage customers and prospects sharing success stories, presenting innovative projects and valorising both SAP solutions and Partners.

Theme of this year: EXPERIENCE THE INTELLIGENT ENTERPRISE | The future of business lives of emotions

Offering emotions to visitors, guaranteeing memorable experiences.

A plenary session organized in the heart of the exhibition area with two symmetrical stages that represented the emotional and rational spheres of intelligence and, at the same time, the ability of SAP of managing operational and experiential data.

Offered services
Location selection, set-up planning and management. Format and agenda definition. Communication strategy, image development, communication activities and event cross promotion management. Conference management activity and event’s direction. Partner sponsors engagement and management. Streaming and reportage management.

16.000 sq.m of exhibition area
More than 3000 attendees
90 Partner sponsors
100 breakout sessions
3 plenary speeches