Nuvola Rosa

Microsoft, an organization that has long been an active supporter of projects of equal opportunity through technology, would like to extend the reach of this commitment in order to increase the awareness of young Italian women and the public at large of the urgent need to close the gender gap in STEM. From this deeply felt need came the desire to help lay the groundwork for a more inclusive society with greater opportunities for growth through the active engagement of women in the workplace and in the community.

Nuvola Rosa (literally: Pink Cloud) is an initiative that was created in 2013 in order to help young women and children through free education and training in order to develop digital and “soft” skills, to get to know role models of international renown, and to make contact with leading ICT firms. For all four editions of this initiative, we have been responsible for all aspects of organization, including: defining the event calendar, developing content, managing partnerships, organizing speakers and attendees, and managing online and offline marketing and promotion, logistics, travel and hospitality.

Over these four years, we have reached over 5,500 young women, involved 350 speakers, and generated more than 25,000 tweets. The United Nations has been involved right from the start, providing their extraordinary patronage and support. Leading Italian universities have also provided their support, as have major national and local public bodies, and hundreds of schools from throughout Italy have been involved.