On July 5, 2017, Motorola, a Lenovo company, launched the Moto Z2 Play smartphone and the new Moto Mods accessories, thereby marking the return on the brand that had won over entire generations since the introduction of the first (Motorola) mobile phone in 1973. In terms of marketing, this meant announcing the return of an iconic brand committed to constant innovation.

Motorola celebrated this milestone with a major, full-day event in Milan. We handled both the social marketing and the PR, engaging journalists, bloggers, and fans in various ways. At the event, we held a Facebook live event with Daniele de Grandis, General Manager of the Lenovo Mobile Business Group (video).

Engagement was high and the reaction highly positive. The first session, the business lunch with Daniele de Grandis, was attended by 13 representatives of newspapers. In the afternoon, more than 80 journalists from major periodicals as well as bloggers were on hand. A hundred articles were published in the first few days. The well-known Rudy Zerbi published a post about the event and was interviewed live by the Motorola team. Views of Motorola content during the event totaled 1,041,225. The trending topic #MotorolaIsBack generated 2,300,000 views on Twitter.