Lenovo ChampHouse

Lenovo Champions is Lenovo’s international fan community, which was established online in 2015. It is a place in which to meet and share information and where Champions can talk about innovation and share their ideas and experiences. Lenovo provides dedicated incentives and other initiatives in order to engage fans and help them produce content for the platform and on social media. At the same time, it is a way for the company to manage and develop their brand in this digital age in which individual feedback and user-generated content are of such great importance, at least as important as the content generated by businesses themselves. However, in March 2017, a need arose for a special project to strengthen the sense of belonging for the great many Italian fans and to further drive social engagement based on real-life experiences.

Together with Simona Menghini, head of marketing for Lenovo Italia, we came up with #LenovoChampHouse: five champions, chosen from among those who responded to the invitation throughout Italy, to be guests for two days in a high-tech house in Milan equipped with the most advanced Lenovo products—a dense calendar of innovation, research, meetings with Lenovo senior management, and experiences with businesses and labs working on the latest innovations such as augmented reality, drones, and 3D printing. The format also had a digital manifestation online through a dedicated mobile app and contests, which resulted in an extraordinary amount of user-generated content.

The Italian LenovoChampHouse was the most successful in the EMEA region in terms of online with fans (35+), online mentions (249), engagement (5,900), and total reach of online content, with 709,400 unique users reached by the content generated by fans during the event.