Social responsibility is an issue that Microsoft takes to heart, and the company believes that, by supporting digital transformation in the non-profit sector, they can promote the creation of a more inclusive society. But how can advanced technology be accessible at little or no cost to all those NGOs that are committed to providing solutions to the complexities of modern society?

Since 2012, we have been organizing a one-day event for Italian non-governmental organizations in order to help Microsoft promote the value of technological innovation in the non-profit sector, enabling NGOs to discover how technology can help them in their missions of solidarity and how they can make best use of technology. Every year, we invite industry experts and spokespeople to share their experiences, provide information, and discuss new trends and emerging needs. In addition to setting the agenda, defining content, and managing speakers, we also develop the communication strategy for the event and all the related materials.

Each year, hundreds of NGOs get involved in the event, from major organizations such as Emergency, UNICEF and San Patrignano on down to smaller, but equally important ones in terms of their contribution to the community. Over the course of the various editions, representatives from national and local institutions have taken part on multiple occasions.