Future-Defined Data Center

In July 2017, Lenovo reached a milestone in the history of innovation of the Data Center Group with the global announcement of their new offering of solutions—including the new brands ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile for, respectively, the hardware platforms and software-defined solutions for servers, storage and networking—for data centers, which represent the core of all digital activities of today. The need was to clearly convey to the Italian market the value of this development and its role in the digital transformation of business, while also taking advantage of the new brand to relaunch the family of x86 servers that are now a part of the Lenovo offering (and changed since the acquisition by IBM), which was celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

For the Lenovo Data Center Group, led by Alessandro De Bartolo, we organized a full-day event divided into two sessions: one for the media and one for the business partners. Both sessions combined for a promotional and informational event that enabled attendees—both the press and business partners—to gain hands-on experience with the innovative solutions and included opportunities for relaxed encounters with Lenovo management, given that these attendees would play an essential role in disseminating the message and information in the marketplace.

Excellent participation. The event attracted 15 journalists from leading newspapers and technology publications as well as over 50 business partners. A total of 10 articles were published on the day of the event, along with 96 posts online, generating engagement of 401 interactions and a total potential online reach of 1,700,000 contacts.