In May 2017, a consortium of Assobioplastiche, Corepla, Conai and CIC issued a tender for the creation of a national ad campaign to support the project DiChePlasticaSei. The goal of the initiative was to promote the proper management and handling of plastic and bioplastic packaging materials, as well as to provide the tools needed for a more informed, more respectful approach to the environment by learning to distinguish between plastics and bioplastics. The underlying assumption was that not everyone knows that plastics and bioplastics are materials made from different polymers and therefore need to be kept separate in order to optimize the waste recovery and recycling processes.

The desired outcome was to inform the public that plastics and bioplastics are two different materials and to provide the means to distinguish between the two. After being awarded the contract, Imageware prepared a strategy that sought to combine a creative aspect with a markedly educational one, and this is where the creative idea came from. With a simple, direct message, the graphics provided the primary information that plastics and bioplastics are easy to recognize by looking carefully at the trademark found on the packaging.

The campaign ran in the press (in Italy’s leading newspapers and periodicals) and on the radio (with the most popular national stations) in two time periods, with an initial launch from mid-August to mid-September and a second run through the end of 2017.