#DaLeonardoalloSpazio – viaggi verso la tua era


To highlight and enhance Lenovo’s presence at STEMintheCity as main sponsor. 2019 marked Lenovo’s third year of participation in as many editions of the initiative. With STEMintheCity growing in importance, Lenovo had the specific need to organize an event that had a significant impact in the context of the more than 100 events that characterized the initiative.


Leverage the double anniversary of the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death and the 50th anniversary of the moon landing to create an educational and entertainment platform highlighting the value of Lenovo’s technologies. The implementation took the form of an exhibition, set up – thanks to a partnership with the Command of the First Air Force Region – at the historic headquarters in Piazza Novelli in Milan. By leveraging in particular the Lenovo Mirage Solo virtual reality technology, it was possible to create specific contents for the topical areas of the exhibition by making them available to the public with an immersive experience.


The exhibition Da Leonardo Allo Spazio remained open for the entire month of May 2019. Opened officially with a press conference on May 2, it also hosted – the following May 8 – an event dedicated to Lenovo entitled #Daleonardoallospazio: Viaggi Verso la Tua Era, during which six experiential itineraries were followed. The first two journeys, in time (Leonardo’s genius) and in space (space exploration) were the main subject of the exhibition, while for the day of the dedicated event, Lenovo followed the paths of travel in science, showing how technology helps to solve the most important challenges of humanity, in consciousness, with a path of self-awareness – #IamRemarkable – ┬ádedicated to young women, in the environment, following a moment of the trek by Va ‘Sentiero along Sentiero Italia, and in work, with a speed dating session focusing on job opportunities in technology dedicated to high school girls and boys and repeated on May 31st.


The event was provided “turnkey”. Imageware took care of conceiving and realizing the concept, taking care of the contents and setting up of the exhibition, the graphics of the event, the social media plan, the press office activities, the management and development of partnerships with the Air Force and the organizers of #IamRemarkable, institutional relations with the Municipality of Milan – in particular the Departments of Digital Development and Education – the Lombardy Regional School Office and the Lombardy Regional Council.


More than 10,000 visitors to the Da Leonardo allo Spazio exhibition during one month. More than 500 journalists engaged during the STEMintheCity period. 12 journalists attending the opening press conference on 2 May. 20 journalists and 80 students attending the event on 8 May. More than 120 interviews with students during speed dating. 85 dedicated articles in the media. 270 Lenovo online mention during the initiative, 1,800 social media engagement with a potential online reach of 13.4 million.