Cityscoot, Smart Mobility

Cityscoot, a leading French company in free-flow scooter sharing and zero emissions, decided in 2019 to bring its scooter to Italy, both in Milan and Rome, in collaboration with municipal administration to give an important contribute to the sustainable mobility and ensure a perfect complementary with public transportation.

Cityscoot had to generate brand awareness across our country to share the points of strength of its services and the benefits linked to the sustainable scooter: a totally electrical system from vehicles to maintenance; an innovative and digital reservation system active from smartphone that doesn’t need any recharge column; strategical partnership with important actors such as Allianz and Red Cross to guarantee the highest security level to the end users.

We worked at a communication plan that combined a significant launch to storytelling on the topic of green and smart city: the service was launched in Milano on January with a press conference with the Councilor for Mobility and the Environment Marco Granelli, Bertrand Fleurose, CEO  and Founder of Cityscoot,  Gianni Galluccio, General Manager Italia Cityscoot. To reach different audiences interested in this theme, we got in touch with all the media with story angle and experiential initiatives: free guides and first aid and reanimation courses in collaboration with the Red cross. We also supported the engagement of Cityscoot in sectorevents (such as BluE Mobility Days, Milan Arch Week and MI AMI Festival) to position the customer across the market as a leading company of the sustainable support in Milan.

In May, the service was presented in the capital with a press conference with the Municipality of Rome and the presence of Virginia Raggi, Mayor of Rome, and Linda Meleo, Councilor for the City in Movement of Rome Capital.

Many experiential events were organized. The launch conferences in Milan and Rome reached more than 60 newspapers and 30 interviews with Gianni Galluccio and Bertrand Fleurose. Wide coverage of the first 6 months: 400 articles published since the launch, with a global audience of 462.440.977  (sum of readers, listeners, spectators, unique users of the publications involved in the analysis).

From the BluE Mobility Days to Milan Arch Week and MI AMI Festival 2019, the cityscoot service earned over 115,000 users in Italy. The electric scooters were used by the citizens of Milan to run 380,000 km (the same distance between the earth and the moon!), for a total of 1,140,000 minutes, corresponding to 792 days, or more than 2 years.

Gianni Galluccio, General Manager of Cityscoot Italia affirms: “We are convinced that the future of urban mobility can only be “0 emissions” and “0 noise”. We intend to actively collaborate with the municipal authorities so that Cityscoot represents a valid alternative for moving in traffic, in an agile and fast way, but sustainable and ecological. We’ll work to progressively expand the service’s coverage and offering an ever better service”

Virginia Raggi: “With Cityscoot we expand the offer of agile means of transport, rapid and ecological for both citizens and tourists”.