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Founded in1986



Public Relations

Our services include Brand Equity Management | Corporate Social Responsibility | Media Relations | Consumer Activation | Digital Marketing | Social Networking | Social Customer Care | Influencer Engagement | Content Management

Personal relationships are the most valuable asset in marketing and communication, and experts of advertising, marketing and journalism are now finally placing the concept of “personal” and “human” at the heart of their efforts, giving the individual greater value than that of a mere consumer and thereby overturning the norm. This has always been a part of our belief system and, over the last 30 years, we have focused on the relationships of our clients, as individuals, not just organizations, helping you to develop an ecosystem and assisting you in your decision, making processes so that your positive values can emerge. We promote the image of our clients with your stakeholders by creating communication programs that support your reputation, promote your key assets, and are relevant to the context in which you operate. We feel that we have a responsibility that derives from the trust our clients have in us, and this drives the passion we have for working alongside you and in a great many industries, including: insurance, consumer electronics, design, education, energy, fashion, food, healthcare, information security, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, technology, non-profit, and travel and tourism.


Business objectives are the end towards which we build the means of communication. We analyze market trends, define targets and messages, and assess the opportunities, obstacles, timeframe and resources. We build teams with our clients and work hard every day to help you win the game while following the rules. We study the entire process, from strategy to execution, in great detail.

Meetings & Events

An event is never just an isolated moment in time, but rather a part of a process of communication that a business has with its audience. An event needs to convey the company’s image, engage and amaze its participants, and strengthen relationships. This is why we create unforgettable events featuring speakers of international renown in venues that transform a mere business meeting into a truly memorable experience. We handle all aspects of the event, from concept design through to management of all aspects of organization that are key to the event’s success.

Social Media

Likes aren’t enough to gain a new customer. You need a powerful, effective social-marketing strategy that engages people and makes them enthusiastic supporters of your brand. Storytelling skill and creativity need to come together with intent and rigor on a daily basis in order to generate concrete, measurable results. Each social channel has its own audience and its own specific language, so methods of communication need to be geared to each specific community. Follow us and we’ll follow you.

Content & Creativity

Out of a perfect synergy of creativity and innovation come the best ideas, those that surprise and engage people. Each brand is unique and leaves its own, individual mark. Methods of communication evolve, so we need to be familiar with them in order to provide people with new experiences and anticipate their desires. This is what we do each and every day as we create advertising and communication campaigns, radio and television commercials, marketing initiatives, and all the related tools and materials needed to interact with your various audiences.

Employer Branding

People are the true assets of an organization, so it is important to attract and maintain talent within your business. An effective strategy of employer branding strengthens your company’s identity and reputation in the marketplace, promotes human capital, and engages people emotionally. Every business has a story to tell, and we can help you tell it.

Digital House

Within our organization, we have a company dedicated to the development of digital solutions, IMG Internet, which has been in the Italian marketplace for two decades promoting and disseminating a digital culture at the service of business through digital communication that is in line with the values and identity of the specific brand. IMG Internet has also established an academy to help our clients make the best use of technology in digital communication.

Happy Moments

Our “happy-moments team” is responsible for organizing team-building and motivational events, celebrations, and other company meetings. And to help make the best day in the life of a couple even more memorable, we created Wedding is Love. Our happy-moments experts know just how to bring out the deepest desires and aspirations in order to transform each and every wedding into an exclusive, unforgettable event.

Soft Skills

Mastering the hard skills of your job is the first step towards a successful career, but your success will also be built on your command of soft skills. At Imageware we help our clients refine skills such as communicating with business contacts from different cultures, effectively negotiating transactions, delivering memorable presentations and dealing with the media, so that you will always be on target, on message. We offer media training, presentation and public speaking training, negotiation skills and intercultural communication modules.